Books are always considered as the best friend of human being. They have so much knowledge and wisdom that they move you from dark to lights. But at the same time you will also find books which will take you to dark and horror world. There are writers who write horror stories and novels. They write on the dark shade of life, different books have different endings some with message and some with suspense. Books with all those scary stories make a very deep impact on the readers. Now the question arises why these books do are read?

To answer this question we need to understand the content of those horror stories and the mindset of the reader. As we know horror stories are the best means of making you excited and fill you with a sense of hypersensitivity. This feeling pumps you with an extra dose of adrenaline that will make your heart beat faster making your blood pressure increase such that you get a new energy to do even the impossible things in your life. This is what we called rush of life. Second important thing in these stories which force readers to keep reading the whole of the novel is the excitement to discover the unseen. The whole story and the background of the scary books are written in such a format that suspense of the story remains till the end of the book.

Human being are inquisitive in nature. This inquisitiveness force him to read all the content till the end not only till the end but also make him almost addicted to all parts of the novel till the time mystery is resolved.

Apart from all these reason, one of the driving force for these stories to be successful is the hidden message of victory of good over bad. We all know that every story ends with the happy ending, showing the victory of good on evils. This is something with which reader relate himself, his moral boost up to face the challenges of all odds in life and get hope to come out with them as a winner.