Nowadays reading the tweets on twitter, scrolling Facebook to read the updates or reading the ingredient label of packaged food items has become a major part of human reading. People don’t read books, magazine or novel nowadays. Those peoples might be missing out who don’t have the habit of reading regularly. There are several important and amazing benefits of reading which are as follows:

One can easily transport himself to other realms by reading a well written novel. Nowadays peoples are dealing with stress in their everyday life. It can be because of their office work , their personal relationships , their financial crisis etc. But a well written novel can easily engage them and drain out all their tensions which will make them relax to conquer the stress.

While reading a book we come across various of characters throughout the story. We start creating a picture of each character in our mind as if we know them very well and have met them before. We know, what that character is thinking and how intensely he is feeling in a particular situation of that story . After completing the book, a big part of those characters remains with us and we can even narrate the story and the nature of those characters to others.This is because our mind develops a great memory of those characters by reading that book. Hence reading can also improve one’s memory.

The muscles in the brain needs workout to keep the brain healthy and strong. So reading a book or solving a puzzle can be a perfect exercise to keep a brain healthy. Studies have shown that diseases like alzheimer’s and dementia can be slowed down and can be even prevented by mental stimulation. That’s why if we keep our brains engaged in some reading activities, the brain will be in its active form which will prevent the brain to lose extra power to prevent these diseases.

You can fill yourself with immense knowledge with the help of reading . Reading will allow a set of several informations to remain forever in your mind. This knowledge can help you in different phases of your life in different ways . You can lose everything- your partner, your job, your money etc. But knowledge is one such thing which cannot be drained out from you.

Your speaking skills can greatly help you in any profession. It can also play a boosting role in your self esteem by allowing you to confidently speak to your higher ranked colleagues. Peoples with good speaking skills get promotions quickly and hence it can play a major role in building a career. One can easily promote or improve his vocabulary by reading. Reading something will definitely gain our exposure to new words which subconsciously will become the part of our everyday vocabulary.

We still don’t know the best way to remember things but the best we can do is “Read books”, it helps a lot. If you relate things with a story it is way too easier to do that. Just try to connect yourself with the story and it will be in your memory forever. When you read something you get connected with it, you analyse things, make changes, amendments or even create new characters if you think it will spice up the story.

We read every day but not a book all the times but there are many other things which we don’t include in as “Reading material”, i.e Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. We make comments/likes only when we read it but this does not comes under reading, it is just watching, reacting and moving forward without remembering things.The best part of reading is to keep focus on what you are reading; it helps a lot to concentrate, to learn new things and see the “Bulls Eye”.

It doesn’t matter how bad your handwriting is but if you read well then it will reflect in your writing skills. No one can improve your handwriting but reading helps you the way to write meaningful contents.

It was a long time ago when reading was very boring but nowadays its definition has changed. Reading was never fun in earlier time but nowadays reading is the way you can enjoy, things are very much spicy nowadays .Read it, enjoy it and change the flavour as per your needs & taste.

So reading will definitely going to make you win, throughout your life.