How to show the good things behind good fantasy books.
In my earlier posts, I gave some suggestions that’ll help you to find good fantasy books. But now I’ll let you know what are the good things behind the good fantasy books? So, Let’s find it out!

At present time, fantasy is on another level, it’s a kind of creepy way to find some attractive ideas for imaginative works of fantasy fiction. In simple words, Getting an Idea of Fantasy is as same as a Diver goes as deep as he can to get a Pearl out of Sea.

I don’t know how many tales I’ve read before, But it must be in a hundred number club. A good Fantasy Book must be based on an original and different concept. It must be sounds like something different from the basic Fantasy concept (Vampires, Wolfs, Dark World, Angles, etc.). But full of Twists and turns with all spicy concepts. It must be new, not a re-write of those books they read before.

When you picks that book up, keep focusing on the concept and plot summary on the flap jacket. Does the story oozing originality somewhere? Literally the great Novels will start oozing their originality since the moment you get it in your hands. If you don’t feel so, then you can skip to another book next to you.

The whole scenario of fantasy is to take you away with them in their world, where you’ll live your favourite character. The Fantasy world must be Interesting to keep you connected with it. For Example, Epic Fantasy Book Authors create a big world of their own thoughts, visuals, culture and mysterious world—Something which keeps your focus on it. A Good fantasy book always have an clearly realizing world with their own Laws, that makes them different from real world.

Some Fantasy books have a lot of magical contents. Instead of this other Authors Choose to be less magical and more creative in favour of the plot’s base. But the good fantasy books never avoid the presence of magic and the other stuffs, they just keep all these things in a balanced way to keep you more connected with the book. I remember only few books which I read and found that they have an excellent balance of magic, rampant, etc. Creating an unique and balanced magical story with some contents of rampant, kindness etc. sounds like a tough challenge. There are only few authors who

successfully done their jobs. Dave Farland, Brandon Sanderson and Dave Duncan are those few Authors who gave the best Fantasy Books I read yet.

The reader never wants a guy in story who can do anything with mere snap of a finger, Reader founds it’s very common in every novel he read before, reader wants something new and interesting. Reader want characters who fights with problems, came-over the challenges and situations with the tools and knowledge they have instead of a problem solving snap of finger or some magical appearances. These are the basic contents for a good story and good novel.

An amazing combination of strong and interesting characters is the sign of a Great Novel. The awesome characters justify the combo of Fantasy and Science Fiction. After this, the book becomes an easier way to express the Author’s Idea, just like a famous Author Isaac Asimov expressed his Idea and thought with his Foundation Novels. The characters of his novels aren’t so good but the concept was awesome, the fiction was amazing, His Novel shows that if you have a unique concept you’ll get success right at your toes. His Novel series is smashing the success and running successfully.

A book with good characters, concept and fiction will draw the reader more deeply into the story. These kind of books make the reader curious about the story and it’s characters. Characterization ? What do I mean by this, is the characters should be more realistic and relevant with each other characters. Reader don’t want to read about unrealistic or irrelevant characters in a story. Who are interacting with each other without any conflicts. Reader wants to read a character to whom he can relate himself easily. A character who faces some realistic problems and issues like real people facing nowadays.

A fantasy book must have a fantastic story which might be little different from the real life of real peoples, but not so different that the reader can’t get himself connected with story and the fiction world. A book which have the ability to keep the reader connected and focused with the story and characters is called A Good Fantasy Book.

So, now you know what are the good things behind good fantasy books. Now go out find a Good Fantasy Book and read it!