Author: Howard C. Cutler
Ratings: 4/5

The art of happiness is the result of a fantastic collaboration between the Dalai Lama and a psychiatrist named as Howard Cutler. This book is full of thoughts and clear reflections on them. Dalai Lama has many thoughts on various issues going on in the world where Howard Cutler proves that there is a connection between science and their thoughts.

Happiness has many sources and nature is one of those

Dalai Lama says that happiness the purpose behind our existence not luxury and there is a specific way which leads us to happiness. Cutler says that happiness is just a myth but the prevention of sorrow is the reality. Perhaps the most surprising point about happiness is that its achievement is ‘scientific’ and requires discipline.

Create own “Happiness.”

Happiness is not a myth or a concept of mind. It is an emotion which releases when our soul is happy. Happiness is an emotion which directly connected to our souls. A calm mind, pure soul, or both involved in a meaningful work, equates to happiness.

The negative state of mind and negative emotions are the actual myth. They have no foundations in reality. The cynical mind state and negative emotions or thoughts are just holding us back and stopping us from reaching the reality. When we are happy, and in a positive state of mind then we are very close to the universe’s nature, and we can always be close to it if we want to be.

Happiness is something which develops in our thoughts first then develops in our mind and soul. It takes time, or we can say that happiness develops over time. The Dalai Lama’s idea of countering negative thoughts with positive ones has validated by the rise and success of knowledge related remedy.

Mercy and relation

The Dalai Lama suggests us that our fundamental nature should gentleness. At present, everyone portrayed humans as self-centered, but many studies and researcher says that humans love to be altruistic, whenever he or she gets a chance to be. Moreover, everyone can witness this if he or she sees this with a calm mind, not with an aggressive one.

Mercy is a meaningful and useful emotion at various places and times. It is a better base to start a conversation with someone instead of being emotional. Mercy is not about feeling sorry for anyone it is about recognition of community. The reason is that what someone else is feeling today might be what we will feel the next day or next week.

We all know about love only, but there are two types of love. The 1st one is attachment based love where someone like someone and the other person loves too. The 2nd one is mercy based love where one like someone but that someone does not like another person, but he or she pretends that other party like that person too just because he or she do not want to hurt that person and this is just because of mercy. We all have to know well to distinguish between these two categories of love.

If we are not able to generate own happiness, then we might lose the sense related to the human race which is a source motivation and encouragement. A merciful person always experiences the rare peace of mind and freedom of mind as well.

What message book brings with it?

Well, the book has many messages in itself. However, the most important message it has is to be happy and spread happiness.

While reading this book “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living,” you’ll find a better and happy you from yourself. Moreover, now it is essential to end this seeking of finding a better and happier self in worlds every corner instead of within.

This book is excellent for those personalities who are finding a better and happier version of themselves and wants everyone to be happy.

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