Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Author: Deepak Chopra
Ratings: 4/5

Best Line: “You must find a place inside you where nothing is Impossible.”
If someone is seeking success in his or her life, then this book is made for them. This book is about success and ways to success. This time Deepak Chopra has nailed it completely. He wrote this book for those who give up to situations quickly. The principles of this book encourage us to do hard work, sharpen our skills, and achieve whatever we want in life.
The book has seven principles which lead to success. If someone read this book just once, will get addicted to it. The best element in this book is its seven principles or 7 ways which lead to success. When one start reading, will forget everything else till they reach the end. After reading it thoroughly, one can achieve anything they want to achieve in there life. Even a loser can be a winner in his life after reading this book. The content of the book motivates us. The seven principles are amazingly inspirational.
Deepak Chopra is the bestselling author of numerous books and audio programs that cover every aspect of mind, body, and spirit. His books are amazingly awesome. Sometimes his books leave a significant impact on our lives by the fantastic results of the blend of philosophy, physics, and spirituality. Moreover, these elements are common in his every best seller.
The size of the book is nearly a pocket size. Also, it takes about 1 and a half hour to read it and learn from it. However, it will take much longer time to understand the thoughts and principles with deep meaning it has. Deepak Chopra described seven spiritual laws of success in this creation.
Based on his spiritual perspective. This book taught us that success is not only about earning a lot of money and fame, but success is also about self-transformation and self-growth. Deepak Chopra made it easier for others to know, what success is and how could anyone be successful in life? This book helps us to forget giving up to situations and fighting back to them and gain success in our lives.

Here are the seven spiritual laws for success:

  1. Potentiality Pure
  2. Giving
  3. Cause-Effect
  4. Least Effort
  5. Intention and Desire
  6. Detachment
  7. Purpose
    This book has all its seven laws to let us understand them easily with simple techniques to implement them in our daily life. The way of writing is good and seems inflow and to the point. After reading this book, I started implementing these techniques in my daily life, and I realized my life is going better nowadays. I think everyone should read this book and try to implement those all techniques in his or her lives.