Book: The Alchemist
Author: Paulo Coelho

Ratings: 4/5

This story is about a boy who wants to discover treasure and travel the whole world. The boy is a shepherd who lives in Santiago, and he is courageous enough to follow his dreams and make them right someday. One day he realized that if he wants to fulfil his desires, he has to start today because it is like now or never kind of situation. He encouraged himself and began his journey. His first step was to move from his home to Spain via the walking through the Egyptian desert and Tangiers’s markets. He experienced a lot of things in his journey, or we can say he experienced what actually life is? In his journey, he met many people some of them duped him, where some of them help him in the name of humanity. He experienced love which became a fantastic part of his journey somehow he makes a lot of money and loses a lot as well. He learns from everything he met or found on his trip. He faced many situations some of them were pleasant, and some were unpleasant as well. He gets chances to learn and speak many native languages. He experienced a lot of thrill, adventure, and lessons on his journey. He gets a chance to a king, a desert woman, an alchemist, etc. and each one was realizing him something new about life.

The book highlights and inspires us to realize the values of hope, love, spirituality, faith and positivity through the extraordinary beliefs of a boy whose story is full of symbolic narration. It is a fascinating story which teaches its readers about the positivity and its power in a minor and most effective way. Where the desert portion of the story lands us on a mysterious plot about which we have no clue until we complete the reading.

The book has been written in many languages, you can’t think of numbers. This book has secured a position in Guinness Book of World Records with the title of the most translated book by a living author. But the original language the text is written was Portuguese. The narration acquires the style of a third person’s perspective. While reading, you will discover that each word lends a valuable meaning to the story. The language is much easy and simple to understand. This book is written as to be a memory to never get forgotten never ever. But the readers whoever has better or basic command over the English language will get connected to the story very deeply.

After reading this book, I realized that the world is full of positivity and negativity but nowadays, everyone is surrounded with a lot of negativity not with positivity instead. The world really needs positivity and spirituality. Actually, the world definitely needs positivity and spirituality more and more. I am actually glad that this book became a bestseller because the content it carries fills its readers with positivity and spiritual Goosebumps which everybody needs badly nowadays. When I came to its conclusion, I thought that it was disappointing, but after a while, I realized that the actual motive of the entire narration is done. I realized that the book makes its readers believe in destiny and this book really makes them think because I am one of those readers. Now I think behind every failure of mine there will be a secret much bigger and better plans I have to get success in to.